Mike Buckley


Alphamailman I am working on my echo



get fucked

get fucked



what fun

what fun


I weed out bad words from my word garden

Bravo, Bravo Charlie!

working on beautiful word Delta flowers

I’ll send a loverely bunch of alphabet Foxtrot pansies to Dr Sonique in Quebec

alphabettically yours…


Lacrimation or lachrymation (from Latin lacrima, meaning “tear”) is the production or shedding of tears. Strong emotions such as sorrow or elation, awe, pleasure …


Last night we went out for dinner to a local little restaurant in the town we stayed in.

Sue (wife) and Sim (son) ordered a plate of meat each with chick peas.

The meat was wrapped around short pieces of sawn off bone of a leg.

‘I think it’s donkey meat’ said Simee

Sue spat out a chickpea into her napkin and put it on the plate.

I ate my vegetable Tagine.

Before bed Sue opened the hotel window and looked at the crescent moon on the mountaintop.

That night in her dreams a three leggged donkey kept bumping into her and asking, ‘Why did you eat my leg?’

In the morning Sue had such a long face. She told us her dream…’And it kept bumping into me!’

Sim and me collapsed on the floor hooting and howling with laughter.

Later we sat on a local bus  that wound its way thru the hills back to Tangiers. Out the window we saw a number of three legged donkeys standing lonely in the fields.


DOPAMINE Involved in automatic movements of skeletal muscle (degeneration of these axons occurs in Parkinson’s disease.


I must admit…

I feel a bit sick (must be the lack of alcohol here in Morocco maybe?)

A while back somedays ago i think i had a glass of beer

The memory fades

i walk the streets an look in shop front windows n coffee houses

to see if i can see any brown bottles or cans on tables…

its a real alcohol desert here

I cant get any!

i dont mind too much

it only hurts a little Victor

i wont cry or anything

My tongue is only a little bit parched

In our hotel room – it doesnt worry me –  watching people drink alcohol on TV

Hell no!

No it doesnt matter – does it

i dont care, do I Juliette?

I’m going to bed an i am going to pull the hotel blanket over my head

i might wake up a better person in the morning!

Yes I will.

 your pal uniform Mike (who doesn’t need a drink )


Deficiency symptoms dopamine: Emptiness, lack of pleasure and reward, fatigue, depression, lack motivation, over-eating.

Substances used to compensate for deficiency of dopamine: alcohol, whiskey ,marijuana, cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines, sugar, golf and tobacco.

Lets Tango


i feel good tonight

i had this weird bowen therapy masssage at 5 o clock for my Parkinsons…

i picked up

the leaves of spring shook on a tree – a cat  climbed up a branch to chase a bird

a girl rode by on a push bike, a puff of wind parted the hair on my head, i thought about dinner,

i fished in the river behind my house, while a cricket chirped i drank a glass of wine an Mr fish hooked itself onto my unbilical kilo cord of hope, i reeled it in an started whistling, the late afternoon November light looked really promising, men stood in the doorways of pubs an looked out, the road traffic was like a giant elephant lumbering down the high way, i carried my fish home an cooked it on the temple of my stove, my knife n fork sang sweet songs, such is the end to a long day


my Xray shrunken head needs expanding with some fine words

arise i command thee

walk the plank n








in his skull n cross bones tin boat surfing a India universe of tarantula legs


no Romeo

but all in       all a         nice    Lima      night hot balmy            like tortoise toes

Sierra shoo feet

ripper a ll       but a        shoe            black pointy with out a care

this evening even i feel the lisp of my lips

stuck in the curve of a quarter moon

r     e        l     a    x     e            d   ddddddd      ddddddd   de de da de dumm      mmmmm da

Quebec pics like s h   o   e           laces in another whorl

squiggle giggles he he

laff like a trombone in the s    u     m     m      m    e     r       of my  days

hands on the plough boyo   here we go Oscar


Echolalia is the automatic repetition of vocalizations made by another person.

A typical pediatric presentation of echolalia might be as follows: a child is asked “Do you want dinner?”; the child echoes back “Do you want dinner?”, followed by a pause, and then a response, “Yes. What’s for dinner Papa?”[5]


i           d  r  e    e    m           w      o    r     d   s        s   p  e  lt

w           r             o                n               g             l             y

alll afternoon in bed asleep from everything that runs like a Zulu chooo choo train in my head

dopamean dopamein dopamine


the smoke billows inside my fishbowl

c      r     a    n     i    u      m

rain wipes clean the sky n between the leaves a Yankee cat stalks with a sly grin along the fence

 – who sez  i has a sly grin?

-Birds do! sez I

– well they might be wrong!

– yes sir! i says, as he runs along the fence past black cows a d into a circle of birds

that escape          i   n   t     o            the          s       k         y

Bio ~ Mike Buckley.

Michael Buckley is a filmmaker who began his career by making 16mm experimental films in the ’70s and ’80s. In the mid ’90s he moved into the new media interactive realm. This is due in part to the cost blow-out in 16mm production. His two experimental CD ROM works ‘The Good Cook’ and ‘The Swear Club’ are short interactive fragmented narratives that explore interlocking memories from which the audience constructs meaning. These works are influenced by his experimental film-making background, an influence which continues with his current interactive project researching uses of ‘Gesture’ across moments in time and location.

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