Nigel Helyer.

The Dawn of the Gods.

Zulu has been retained by the Revolutionary Council of Bards and coupled with Maori which replaces Mike, honouring the two tribes who fought the Imperialists to a standstill, forcing a truce and a treaty, Bravo we applaud you.

Alpha is to be replaced by Abellio, god of apple trees, Bravo goes to Boudicca our warrior queen.  Charlie an English king who was beheaded, shall henceforth will be named Cadeyrn our battle king.

Dwyn our god of love ousts Delta and Ennis of the Islands out-calls Echo.  Fionn the fair would never dare dance a Foxtrot which he eschews and Gawain the battle hawk spits on Golf, a game for the feeble minded.   Heimdall the god of the rainbow has never rested at a Hotel only the great hall and Iudicael dreams of the Western Ocean not the seas of India.

Judoc dreams of Joyce and not Juliette and Kegan the fiery is not a Kilo over 120, all muscle and brandishing his sharp Lann he slices Lima to shreds, bellowing to the champion Niall that this November they will hunt Oisean the deer now that Oskar has departed forever.

Percival our Welsh knight sired many offspring who called him Papa but he now takes pride of place over such baby talk, conversing with our wise counsel Quinn who supersedes Quebec.

Down by the strand Ronan the seal acts the Romeo, making doe eyes at Sionn the fox but to no avail, as he has plans to visit the distant Sierra with Tristam the noisy one, who has heard that they can learn the Tango in those parts.

Ula the jewel of the sea has no need of a Uniform as she joins Vanora the white wave that tumbles Victor in the undertow.   Up on the sea cliffs Wetlin, son of the wolf, speaks in a deep Whisky throated voice to Ximun the Basque who can hear God in the wind and therefore has no need for X-ray vision, in any case they are in the protective shade of the giant branches of Yggsdrasil the tree that binds heaven, earth and hell, a cosmology more enduring than the pax americana of the Yankee.

And in the distance who is that silhouetted against the light, not a dusky Zulu but Zinerva the pale girl, she is holding an ancient brass Aldis signal lamp, flashing out across the Western Ocean…Tristam…Heimdall…Ennis…Ennis…Niall…Dwyn…Oisean…Fionn…Ennis…Maori…Percival…Iudicael…Ronan…Ennis.

Bio ~ Nigel Helyer.

Dr. Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. DrSonique) is an internationally prominent sculptor and sound artist who’s interdisciplinary practice combines art and science to embrace our social, cultural and physical environments.   He brings these concerns together in poetic art projects that prompt the community to engage with their cultural histories, identity and sense of place; inviting us to examine the abstract conditions of our world and our complex relationships to it.