Ari Ruiz Lang.

Beginners class.
– Tango lessons?
– Tonight?
– Where?
– But, Julieta, I am not at all a good dancer!
– Well okay, I´ll give it a try!
– Ok, let me write it.
– Delta station, in front of The Sierra Hotel, Oscar Bravo Dance Academy, above an Echography and X-ray Clinic.
– Perfect!
– I will see you there at quarter to eight.
– Yeah.
– Well, you´re welcome.
– Send you a kiss too, bye.
I hung up. I finished my coffee and rinsed my mouth. The elevator wasn’t working again. I ran down the four floors of my building. I was starting to get conditioned.

It was a cold November morning. On my way to work I could not stop thinking about Juliette. Would being her dancing partner lead to more one day? Would I get to be her Romeo someday? They say Tango is the dance of romance, or is it Foxtrot? Come on Viktor, you clearly don’t Know anything about dancing, and neither about romance! What should I wear tonight? Should I wear some kind of special tango dancing uniform? Oh my god, I am totally lost! What one does for a woman, especially when you are living in a foreign country and feeling so alone. Wow! I think this is the first time I take on the fact that I am feeling alone…

I turned on my computer, and instead of concentrating on finance, I started watching Tango dancing videos on YouTube. What would I do without Youtube? What would I do without Internet? But this time I wasn’t searching international market data. I wasn’t watching football, soccer, baseball or golf! I wasn’t searching the Yankees’ game results! I was watching these couples dancing this passionate,dramatic, tango thing.

Those men look so powerful! They seem to lead their woman with so much determination, and they carry them as if they weighed 10 kilos! I don´t think I am that determined, and I am neither that strong! And those movements are so sensual! Juliette is really sensual! Will she be a good dancer? Of course she is, she is latin! Oh my God! I am getting so nervous! I would like to drink some whiskey! I hope the “Zulu Principle” * works for dancing too…

I arrived to the place. I read the neon lights sign “Oscar Bravo Dance Academy”.
My hands were sweating. I could listen some kind of salsa music. I walked up the stairs, and entered a big room with wooden floor and mirrored walls. Mr. Oscar Bravo was the only one there. He was doing some dance steps while he singed “papa rapa papa rapa”. He moved like Ricky Martin, but he looked like Ollanta Humala. He introduced himself an he told me he was from Lima Peru.
I am Viktor and I am Swiss.

Oscar continued dancing. Couples started to arrive. Everyone introduced themselves upon arrival. There was Alpha from Greece and Charlie from the city Why Juliette hasn’t arrived? There was Arasi from India and Mike also from the city. There were Daphne and Dennis from Quebec. Suddenly, Oscar turned down the music, he got in the centre of the room and welcomed everyone to the ” Tango Beginners Class”.Oh my god! What am I going to do if Julieta doesn’t arrive. Viktor calm down, she will certainly arrive! She is just not that punctual, I guess it is totally normal. Oh my god! I think this is getting started.
There she was! Just in time. She smiled and came to me. We were Juliette from Mexico and Viktor from Switzerland.

According to wikipedia,The Zulu Principle, subtitled Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares, is an investment guide written by English accountant and investor Jim Slater.

First published by Orion in 1992. Slater named his approach to investment when he observed that after reading a short article on Zulus in the Reader’s Digest, his wife was better informed on the subject than he himself was. He went on to consider that if his wife read all the books she could find on the subject of Zulus, coupled with a visit to South Africa to meet them for herself, then in a relatively short period of time she could become one of the leading authorities on that “clearly defined and narrow area of knowledge.”

However, the term “Zulu Principle,” the idea that is easy to become an expert in any sufficiently narrow subject area, had been used in the manufacturing industry for at least 10 years before the publication of Slater’s book.

Bio ~ Ari Ruiz Lang.
Ari Ruiz Lang was born in Mexico city in 1986. She studied Visual and Plastic Arts in the ENPEG ” La Esmeralda” (National School of Painting, Drawing and Print-marking). She currently lives an works in Querétaro. In her artistic work the switches between media, and the relationships she establishes between them emphasise a dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary. Her artistic behaviour turns around subjects as movement, lightness, time, chance and intuition. She incorporates as a constant element impossible situations by means of defying logic and physical laws.