Mike Stubbs.

By ‘eck its cold in Quebec so i’m told

Feck feck feck

Freezin eck

I’ve never been

Nor Peru

its capital Lima

sounds like an animal

India yes

For a day

One November

my luggage went through the X-ray

got lost

I got felt up

By a man in Uniform

18 Kilo

a machine looked into my eyes

the suitcase turned up later at the hotel by van

I drank a Whiskey

Then shagged Juliette

Then Oscar (he’s wild)

Then Charlie (he drives a Golf)

Then Victor (he likes to play golf)

Then classique (she drives a vauxhall Victor)

Pre general motors

The American dream

I’m no Romeo – but i like my sport

Alpha male

Shag shag shag

Is that an echo ?

Echo echo echo

I like dancing too

Not the Tango

The Foxtrot trot trot

Makes one hot

To trot

Trot trot


Too tight to mention

Too hot to handle

Sierra Nevada is a hot place it says on the internet

In a book

Seat Ibiza

Ford Granada

Ford capri

Continental islands of the seventies to escape

Ford mondeo

The maque of the nineties

Ford sierra

Is a better car than it looks

My Papa used to say

so It must be true

Fiat Bravo

a pile of poo

Alpha romeo

ain’t so phonetic





yankee yankee yankee

one nation under a groove

moneys too tight to mention

Zulu nation

And by the way

My name is Mike

not africa bamabata

Bio ~ Mike Stubbs.

Mike Stubbs is the Director of FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, the UK’s leading organisation for the commissioning and presentation of film, video and new media art forms. Jointly appointed in May 2007 by John Moores Liverpool University he is Professor of Art, Media and Curating.

Encompassing a broad range of arts and media practice his arts management, curating and advocacy has been internationally acknowledged, he is currently leading a new capital development, Ropewalks Square forming a creative and digital hub for the city of Liverpool around FACT.

Mike established the ROOT, Burning Bush and AND festivals and commissioned and produced over moving-image based exhibition programs and artworks, including: White Noise, Stanley Kubrick, Pixar for ACMI, Australian Centre for Moving Image and SkInterfaces, Pipilotti Rist and Hsieh Teching, as part of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture 2008, the Liverpool Biennale and the FACT programme.

An award-winning and respected moving image artist in his own right, Mike Stubbs’ work encompasses film, video, installation and performance. He has won more than a dozen major international awards including first prizes at the Oberhausen and Locarno Film Festivals, and in 1999 was invited to present a video retrospective of his work at the Tate Gallery, London. In 2002 he won a Banff Fleck Fellowship and had solo shows at the Baltic Art Centre, Newcastle and EAF, Adelaide.