Garth Paine.

code twelve.

Covert codes – seafarers – crusty old salts – beards and woolly jerseys – or young bucks and hot shots, alpha males at high speed – around the globe, bravo! – foxtrot with danger … symbols substituted, words, letters, figures. The mystique of knowledge only known to a few – the delta of distant lands, journeys over sea, of discovery, hardship and triumph – character building, faith and vision, echoes of whisky drunk.

Grand visions beyond the known, the personal, beyond the borders, the boundaries, the paradigm – all ensconced in rituals of society, institutions of power – faith, politics, culture, secrecy … covert … no hotel room in India, rhythms of oceans broad – vast, open, caressing – memories of papa –  patterns, of pressures a fluttering, high and low, of burning sun and ferocious storms, mirror like reflections and mountainous waves …hundreds of kilos of water, jagged like the sierra … latitude and longitude delivered by ancient means… fix, fixed, plot … drift, Lima:

L. language – line by line – intention, confusion, joy, discovery … life, lazy, luscious, longing, lingering. livery – rations and rum… trade and connection – a Zulu-chief in quebec – disjuncture latin, english, code – clarity in noise – international, Friend and Foe.

I. the source – the perspective – frame of reference – I, see, I hear, I discover … share, experience, procrastinate … knowing, unknowing, reflection and rumination – Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Victor … Yankees’ playing golf.

M. My eye – me, my, I  – my communiqué, my position – thoughts constructed, shared – a communiqué – play Romeo?

A.  singular –  potential for identity, one of a kind, an example of such

Twelve thoughts, twelve emptinesses, separate, defined, mutable.  Synapses fire, form emerges, discovery amazes – like an X-ray, not uniform, a kind of tango, thought amazes … empty and yet content full, unknown but dialoguing with self- intriguing, self reference – to watch the self, watching the self, watching the self – narcissus, a complex of experience, echo, direct and not – a point of reference, a city, a bean and a catalyst – all in the minds eye, reflected by being present, open to the signifier – all at sea, memories of Juliette in November.

Bio ~ Garth Paine.

Garth Paine is a professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media at the School of Arts Media and Engineering and Digital Culture program at Arizona State University. His passion for sound as an exhibitable object has given rise to interactive environments where the sonic landscape is generated through gesture, presence and behaviour and several music scores for dance works using realtime video tracking and bio-sensing and musical compositions that have been performed in Australia, Europe, Japan, USA, South America, Hong Kong and New Zealand and in 2014, Korea, Macedonia, France, UK.