Gregory L. Ulmer

Delta: Kamakazi Sutra.

Delta Force, Special Joint Operations, Memorandum, Top Secret: Weaponizing Sex.

Following upon success of Geronimo, assassination of Osama bin Laden (Bravo!), Intel alarm, pornography discovered in target bedroom. Al-Qaeda

recruitment and training vehicle, meetings with virgins in heaven as analogue assassination instruction? Seeking simulation training guidelines,

opportunities in brothel, harem, hook-up, tryst, R&R offensive and defensive conditions, options and occasions for assassination and related terrorism.

Examples (needs development).

1. Organ Arrangement. The male sex can be divided into three groups, according to the size of the gonads. These groups are Lima Bean, Golf Ball,

Kilo. Similarly, women are also divided in three categories, in relation to the size and depth of the Yoni. These categories are Hotel, Quebec, India.

App: mismatches of dimension may compromise vagina dentata devices (eg. Hotel + Kilo, negatory, etc.).

2. Fantasy Scenarios. Hook-ups scripted using familiar pairings, improv kinky fantasy sex as covers for attack strategy. Consider possible object

associated with the pair to be weaponized. Suggestions: Romeo and Juliette (Oscar statuette dildo derringer, introduced jokingly in conversation

about recent film adaptations of the play). Papa Hemingway and Bartender Mike (Whiskey poisoned at Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Key West). Yankee grunt

and Victor-Charlie (Viet Cong) insurgent reunion (Uniform sabotaged, exploding medals).

3. Intercourse. Postures and Attitudes during intercourse expose vulnerabilities, allowing choke holds and related throttlings. Foxtrot: The partner

must pull knees up on to chest, with legs flattened against the thighs (crush lungs). Tango: One foot placed on the lover’s head and the other

stretched horizontally on the bed, then alter the position by changing the position of the legs (break neck). Alpha: To assure position advantage, if

the partner introduces “Chasing the Sparrow,” counter with “Zulu Xray” (organ damage).

Security: Covert code identification, password challenge “Echo & the Bunnymen”; response acknowledgment “November 1978, Liverpool.” In

Karaoke situation, (seeking contact from anonymous) cover “Sierra,” by Cursive, from the album “The Ugly Organ.” Recognition: “The Unit.”

Please memorize and delete.

Bio ~ Gregory L. Ulmer.

Gregory L. Ulmer is Professor of English and Media Studies at the University of Florida, and Joseph Beuys Chair at the European Graduate School.  His work with the Florida Research Ensemble (FRE) is coordinated through the EmerAgency consultancy, and includes a book-length study, Miami Virtue, as well as an interactive konsult, “Murphy’s Well-Being.”  His most recent books are Avatar Emergency (2012), and Electracy (2015).  Ulmer’s current project is a collaboration with the FRE on an introductory pedagogy to facilitate an electrate online education (“Konsult: Theopraxesis”).

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